Mario Fighting Bowser

Bowser is the main villian in SMW8 and the final boss. he improsoned all the yoshi's and kidnapped 6 of the other characters (which mario saves peach for example). Bowser rides his clown car like Super Mario World didalthough he has some new diffrence. when his big stealy falls on the ground while mario is mario will jump up in the air a bit due to it's weight & in the 3rd last battle he will make his clown car angry and jump around if it lands on the ground while mario is he is paralazed. To defeat Bowser in the 1st battle you will have to throw a mecha koopa on his head when he throws it out (after 2 hits a lets say peach will throw a mushroom (she will do that after 2 then 4 hits on bowser) in the 3nd battle he will drop big stealie's and mario mario go in the air if he is on the ground still after 2 drops he will drop the mecha koopas. in the last battle his clown car will jump in the air and when it lands on the ground while mario does he will be paralazed after 6 hits bowser's clown car will tip and a character (Like Peach) will fall slowly to the ground and then you beat the game.