Yoshi (mainly named Yoshi) is the main common color you find in blocks containing yoshi eggs he is also a ridable dino and comes in 15 colors. He is a normal type of Yoshi. Yoshi can eat enemies, spit shells, eats hammers then spits then back even (even fireballs, bloom, boomerangs, tecna, sledge hammers etc.). if he gets hit he will run away till you jump on him otherwise if he falls off the edge he will die until you get another egg.if you already ahve a yoshi while your riding one already you will be rewarded of an item (such as 1-Ups for green yoshi eggs). Yoshi can also spit fire if getting a red shell, blue shell makes him fly and yellow will make him stomp. he can even get wings from a block and turns star blue yoshi and stays that way. he also wears red shoes. yoshi can't eat every enemy though he can eat most of them such as goombas.some power ups (such as raccoon to amke you both fly) can work on yoshi but so,e such as fire flowers don't work. he also can't go in castles, fortresses, and ghost houses in the game (you will get him still if you die or win in those levels). if yoshi is already found in the green yoshi egg he will hatch a 1-up instead.


Yoshi's Sprite is his sprites from SMW hacks (such as SMW Redrawn and SMW TSRPR)