Hello, this is SuperMarioLogan64 here with a new chat for Super Mario World 8! I am not the creator of this fan-game, but I am friends with him. So, if anyone has any questions, ask me, GamerYoshi64 or Bloom. (The maker of this fan-game.)


1. No inappropriate talk. (Sexual, trolling, rude, ect.)

2. No stealing ideas from anyone here unless you have permission.

3. No illegal files. (Stolen .mp3's, .mp4's, .wmv's, .png's, ect.)

4. No huge spoilers from non-admins of this page. (Only me, GamerYoshi64, or Bloom can say any spoilers if anyone is wondering.)

5. No harrassment, abrupt swearing, bullying, ect.

6. No stolen YouTube videos here, because we don't want to get mixed up with any trouble that might occour.

If you fail to follow these rules, you will get a warning the first time. Second time, you will get blocked from commenting for 3 days. Third time, you will get blocked for a week. Fourth, you will be blocked for 1-2 months. I can understand any appeals if they are not fake, unright, or accidental in any cases. Please don't get in trouble and have fun! :D

SuperMarioLogan64 18:18, October 22, 2011 (UTC)